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  • Cooperstown Bat CBU26 Pro Maple Wood Baseball Bat


    Don’t enter the batter’s box with just any wood bat. Cooperstown’s CBU26 Model bat has the power you need.  The barrel is 2.49” with a quick taper down to a 0.89” handle ending in a traditional knob.  The quick taper between barrel and handle creates a barrel heavy feel to this model.  This model is recommended for hitter’s who have experience swinging wood bats because the thinner handle and quick taper require more precise barrel contact to avoid breakage than some other models.

    Weights: -2 to -3
    Wood Type: Hard Maple
    Wood Grade: Choice of Select (HS/College) Grade or Prime (MLB/MiLB) Grade
    Manufactured by Cooperstown Bat Company – Made in the USA

  • Cooperstown Bat “CB” Bat Grip Wax


    The Stick is a wax based grip enhancer in a convenient tear away paper tube.  Rubs easily onto the bat handle and offers a higher-level of durability in warmer temperatures. Rip back the paper tube, rub on bat handle, swing away!