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Al Barlick National Baseball Hall of Fame Stats Bat

National Baseball Hall of Fame™ licensed bat.



Al Barlick National Baseball Hall of Fame Stats Bat

• 34 inch baseball bat
• National Baseball Hall of Fame logo
• Engraved and hand colored name, and statistics



Al Barlick Baseball Hall of Fame Stats Bat

Albert Joseph Barlick
Inducted to the Hall of Fame in: 1989
Primary team:
Primary position: Umpire

Al Barlick’s rise to becoming one of baseball’s most revered umpires remarkably began in the bottom of a coal mine in Springfield, Ill.

In 1935, Barlick was helping his father in Springfield’s Peabody mine when a friend asked if he could fill in as an umpire for the local municipal league games. Five years later, Barlick debuted behind the plate in a doubleheader at Shibe Park, becoming one of the youngest umpires in major league history at age 25.

During the next 27 seasons as a National League umpire, Barlick would call seven All-Star Games and seven World Series.

Known as one of the loudest umpires in the game, Barlick was respected by peers and players alike for his hustle, stern demeanor and a strict, but fair, interpretation of the rules. He called his first All-Star Game in just his second major league season before serving in World War II with the United States Coast Guard from 1943-45.

When he returned to baseball, Barlick was a crew member for the 1946 World Series at age 31.

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