Cooperstown Baseball Bracelet

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The Cooperstown Baseball Bracelet™ is uniquely crafted by hand in the United States of the finest .925 Sterling Silver.


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The Cooperstown Baseball Bracelet is made of solid metals and are of exceptional quality. Each bracelet is fashioned with a finely polished tag, stamped with the Cooperstown Baseball Bracelet™ logo of originality and authenticity. In addition, a complimentary Cooperstown Baseball Bracelet™ polishing cloth accompanies every bracelet purchased. You can choose to have the ball in silver for $150 or gold for $450.

Sizing and Sizes:Available Sizes:
5½, 6, 6½, 8. We want your bracelet to fit you properly. Measure the wrist snugly with a tape measure then add ½ an inch to determine correct size. Generally, 5½ inches is a baby/child’s size, 6 inches fits petite women and young girls, 6½ to 7 inches are the average sizes for female wrists, and 7½ to 8 inches are for larger wrists.

We are not responsible for lost tags.


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