Cooperstown Bat CBAP5HD Maple Pro Wood Baseball Bat

SKU: A-PCBAP5-(red/Blk-Matte)

Don’t enter the batter’s box with just any wood bat. Cooperstown’s CBAP5HD Model bat has the power you need.  The AP5HD features a 2.48” barrel with a short taper to a 0.9” handle ending in a large flared knob.  With a slight barrel heavy feel this bat has quickly become a favorite among power hitters.

Weights: -2 to -3
Wood Type: Hard Maple
Manufactured by Cooperstown Bat Company – Made in the USA


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Cooperstown Bat CBAP5HD Hero Maple Pro Wood Baseball Bat is slightly adjusted from the original AP5 model to allow use of a more dense maple.  Density = Strength.

Bat specifications:

Barrel:  2.48″

Handle:  0.9″



Stock color: Matte Red barrel / Matte Black handle / See through black logo / engraving: Black

Video Description:

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