Cooperstown Bat CBAP5HD Hero Maple Pro Wood Baseball Bat


Don’t enter the batter’s box with just any wood bat. Cooperstown’s CBAP5HD Hero Model bat has the power you need.  The AP5HD features a 2.48” barrel with a short taper to a 0.9” handle ending in a large flared knob.  With a slight barrel heavy feel this bat has quickly become a favorite among power hitters.

Weights: -2 to -3
Wood Type: Hard Maple
Manufactured by Cooperstown Bat Company – Made in the USA


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Cooperstown Bat CBAP5HD Hero Maple Pro Wood Baseball Bat is slightly adjusted from the original AP5 model to allow use of a more dense maple.  Density = Strength.

Bat specifications:

Barrel:  2.48″

Handle:  0.9″



Stock color: Matte Black barrel / Matte Black handle / Old Gold logo / engraving: Green – Handle wrapped with Hero Lizard Skin

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