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Lou Gehrig Limited Edition Immortal Bat

Bat #4 in the Immortal Series


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Lou Gehrig Limited Edition Immortal Bat features:

• 34″ Ash bat with a walnut stain
• Graphics include: Iron Horse band art,
Gold Cooperstown Bat Company center brand,
Lou Gehrig photo, and facsimile signature barrel decal.
• LE: 1,000
• Each bat is individually number stamped on the knob
• Certificate of Authenticity


Lou “Iron Horse” Gehrig Limited Edition Immortal Bat.

Henry Louis Gehrig
Inducted to the Hall of Fame in: 1939
Primary team: New York Yankees
Primary position: 1st Baseman

Lou Gehrig Limited Edition Immortal Bat – The final bat in Cooperstown Bat Company’s Immortal Bat series, Lou “Iron Horse” Gehrig.  Produced in 1998.  Ty Cobb, Joe Jackson, Honus Wagner, and Babe Ruth where the first 4 bats produced in this amazing series.  The 5 piece set was completed in 1998.

National Baseball Hall of Fame™ plague reads:

“Holder of more than a score of Major and American League records, including that of playing 2130 consecutive games, when he retired in 1939.  He had a life time batting average of 340.”

Learn more about baseball’s Iron Horse.