St. Patrick’s Day Baseball Bat Engraved with A Hurler’s Prayer

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Personalize our St. Patrick's Day Bat for the perfect gift.


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Celebrate your Irish heritage with this full size 34″ gold barrel/black handle baseball bat engraved and hand colored for St. Patrick’s Day.

Give me o’Lord a hurlers skill
With strength of arm and speed of limb
Unerring eye for the flying ball
And courage to match them whatever befall
May my aim be steady – my stroke be true
My actions manly – my misses few
And no matter what way the game may go
May I part in friendship with every foe
When the final whistle for me is blown
And I stand at last at Gods Judgement Throne
May the great Referee when he calls my name
Say …
You hurled like a man
You played the game


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