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T-ball Wood Baseball Bat




Cooperstown Bat Company’s professional grade t-ball bats are made from wood harvested in North Eastern United States.  We produce billets from splits allowing the wood to separate at its weakest point. Doing so will allows us to use the strongest part for the billet. We make our bats to order by choosing each billet by hand based on grain, weight and overall appearance.

Handle Dimensions: 1”
Barrel Dimension: 2 1/4”
Lengths: 26″, 27″
Weights: -5
Wood Type:  Ash or Hard Maple

Manufactured by Cooperstown Bat Company – Made in the USA



Cooperstown Bat Company accepts no responsibility for bats damaged or broken through neglect, misuse, or in the course of practice or play. Due to the nature of wood, all wood bats used in practice or play will break eventually.