Acorn Replica Early Base Ball Bat for Display

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Called an “acorn” bat because of the decorative profile of the knob, this replica maintains the shallow taper of a straight barrel bat and thick handle of earlier bat profiles.


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Due to the knob’s depth on the handle, this bat may also be a precursor to the later “split-grip” models. The design is based on research of similar bats from the 1860’s-1870’s. Usable for re-enactment play or as a unique conversation piece.

This bat design is based on vintage bat profiles researched at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Usable for re-enactment play or as a unique conversation piece.

Made of northern white ash and given a golden oak hand finishing. The golden oak finish completes the vintage feel of this bat! Our replica bats are hand turned and will vary slightly.

Above you will be asked if your bat is for “display” or “play”.  A play bat is characterized by straight wood grain, +/-3 weight.  A display bat may have wavy grain and be very light or very heavy.

Engrave up to 3 lines of personalizing on this baseball bat for $10.00.


  • Length: 34″
  • Finish: Golden Oak wax finish
  • Wood: Northern White Ash

Estimated delivery of this baseball bat is 5-12 business days.


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