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Vintage Town Ball - 9" Baseball



  • Hand Sewn
  • Cloth wrapped core with lemon peel cover



This ball is similar to those used by ballists of the early to mid 19th century. The ball featured a cloth wrapped core and hand stitched lemon peel leather cover. Town balls are softer than today’s baseball. The game of town ball required that runners must be “plugged” or “soaked” with the ball.  This means the runner had to be hit by the ball to record the out. These balls would have been made with materials on hand such as a fabric or rubber center would be wound with twine, string, or swollen yarn covered and  with sheepskin or horsehide. Sizes would vary.

It was used in the mid 1800s for the Massachusetts rules form of the game of Town Ball.  It is now used for reenactment games played by various rules through the 1860s.

If you are not playing town ball, it makes a great conversation piece for your desk.