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Youth Ash and Maple Baseball Bat




This bat is created for the player transitioning from -10/ -8 to the -3 required for high school play.  All youth models come in -5 and feature a 2.25” barrel with a long taper into a medium sized handle.  They are extremely well balanced to allow players a high level of barrel control with the heavier bat.

Handle Dimensions: 1”
Barrel Dimension: 2 1/4”
Lengths: 28″-32″
Weights: -5
Wood Type:  Ash or Hard Maple

Manufactured by Cooperstown Bat Company – Made in the USA

Cooperstown Bat Company accepts no responsibility for bats damaged or broken through neglect, misuse, or in the course of practice or play. Due to the nature of wood, all wood bats used in practice or play will break eventually.