The advantage of having your bat cupped is that a small amount of weight is removed from the barrel, redistributing the weight toward your hands for a lighter feeling bat. The disadvantage is that the very end of the bat is now weaker. Take a hit off the cup and the force has no where to go, but to collapse the cup.

Ink Dot

Major League Baseball requires maple and birch bats going into Major League play be ink dot tested. An ink dot is applied to the open grain to determine grain slope. Too much slope and a bat is not suitable for Major League play.

Cooperstown Bat makes sure all out bats meet the MLB ink dot standard.

Edge or Face Grain

Recent MLB changes have caused some confusion with edge or face grain contact. Recommendations for ash remain the same - edge grain. New recommendations for maple and birch recommend face grain contact.
Just remember CB label up or down when making contact.

Colors: Things to know

Logos: If you want a custom logo engraved on your bat barrel color makes a difference. Color logos are available on natural, white, gold or silver barrel bats. On all other colors logo will be one color.

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