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CB Top Hand Training Bat – 24″ Maple



  • 24″
  • Barrel:
  • Handle:
  • Finish:  Flame Treated


Cooperstown Bat’s CB Top Hand Training Bat 24″ Maple is a great one-hand training tool whether you are working off the tee or soft toss.  Gain strength and work on your mechanics.  A Top Hand or one-hand bat requires your focus on different elements required for good swing mechanics.  This bat is not just for your top hand.  Use it for your bottom hand mechanics as well.  Use your CB Top Hand Training Bat with a tee every day before live BP for warm up.  Repetition of correct mechanics creates form and muscle memory to establish a strong swing.  If you are serious about hitting, spend part of your training time on drills.

We can finish your top hand in team colors!  Check out our Custom Pro Top Hand Bat!