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CBRC24 - Junior Pro Maple Wood Big Barrel Bat

Matte Pecan barrel/Matte Black handle


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Barrel: 2.45″
Handle: 0.90″
Taper:  Long
Knob:  Slight Flair
Stock color: Matte Pecan Barrel/Matte Black Handle/Silver with Black Outline Logo/engraving:Black
Video Description:

Cooperstown Wood Bat Warranty details


Cooperstown Bat’s CBRC24 – Junior Pro Maple Wood Big Barrel Bat –  The slow taper and handle thickness help reduce the chance of breaking, as most breaks occur in these areas of the bat.  The performance of this bat has proven highly effective for the gap hitter that utilize the whole field in their approach at the plate.

Every Cooperstown Bat Pro Maple and Birch Bat will include an Ink Dot on the handle of the bat.  This is a measurement for straightness of tangential grain and a requirement for any bat that will be used in professional baseball.  We feel so strongly about the quality of our wood that we include the ink dot on all of our bats for game use, including our youth models.

Cooperstown Bats are Crafted for Excellence from Forest to Field.