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Cooperstown Bat Softball Drawstring Bag

Made with authentic baseball leather.


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  •  Measures: 15″ x 18″
  • Made from actual softball material
  • Quality construction with extra inner lining for the most protection
  • Genuine red softball stitching
  • Cinch closed to keep your belongings just as safe as in a backpack.
  • Patented and copyrighted – U.S. Patent No. D647696
  • Made in USA!


Our Cooperstown Bat Softball drawstring bag is created from authentic softball material. The material is durable, puncture resistant, and virtually water proof!  In addition, we have created a unique stitches design with customized  just like a softball! If you love baseball or softball, carry the only patented bag made from softball material! Perfect for players, coaches, students, spectators – you can carry your shoes, change of clothes, books, keys, phone, water bottle…even a glove and ball fit inside. Cinch closed to keep your belongings just as safe as in a backpack.  Made in USA.