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Custom CB243 Pro Wood Baseball Bat


Build your own


Cooperstown Bat CB243 Maple Pro Wood Baseball Bat

  • Barrel (length):  Long
  • Taper (length):  Short
  • Handle (diameter):  Thin
  • Knob:  Traditional
  • Feel:  End-Loaded
  • Ink Dot on the handle
  • Finish (shown):  All White with Grey Vein / Silver with Black Outline Logo
  • Custom Finish:  Use “Build Your Own” to create your custom CB243

Cooperstown Wood Bat Warranty details



The CB243 Maple Pro Wood Baseball Bat with the 243 profile has been widely used for many years and continues to be a popular model for the current player. The CB243 features a long large barrel with a short taper into a thin handle and traditional knob. The large barrel and thin handle create an end loaded feel to the bat.

Every Cooperstown Bat Pro Maple and Birch Bat will include an Ink Dot on the handle of the bat.  This is a measurement for straightness of tangential grain and a requirement for every bat used in professional baseball.  We feel so strongly about the quality of our wood that we include the ink dot on all of our bats for game use, including our youth models.

Our CB243 Maple Pro Wood Baseball Bat is “Crafted for Excellence” from “Forest to Field”.