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Custom CBSH8 Pro Wood Baseball Bat


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Build your own


CBSH8 Pro Wood Baseball Bat –

  • Barrel:  Medium
  • Handle: Large
  • Taper:  Medium
  • Knob:  none
  • Feel:  Balanced
  • Use the custom tool to create your own

Video Description:

Cooperstown Wood Bat Warranty details


The SH8 Maple Pro Wood Baseball Bat is a very balanced bat. The large handle makes the barrel seem very light. Best swung as a +2. Dense wood makes the the SH8 a great bat to send the baseball to all parts of the field.

Every Cooperstown Bat Pro Wood Bat will include an Ink Dot on the handle of the bat.  This is a measurement for straightness of tangential grain and a requirement for any bat that will be used in professional baseball.  0 to 3 degrees for slope of grain is considered good. Because we hand split all of our wood, our tangential slope of grain is always on mark. We feel so strongly about the quality of our wood that we include the ink dot on all of our bats for game use, including our youth models.

Make it your own!