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Custom One-Hand Maple Training Bat – 24″



  • Available in 24″ lengths
  • Custom colors available (Solid Color bat)
  • Wood Species: Maple
  • Manufactured by Cooperstown Bat Company – Made in the USA

Cooperstown Bat Company accepts no responsibility for bats damaged or broken through neglect, misuse, or in the course of practice or play. Due to the nature of wood, all wood bats used in practice or play will break eventually.


Cooperstown Bat Company’s One-Hand Training Bat is designed and field-tested to create the perfect coach’s tool for hitting mechanics training. This one-hand trainer comes in Gloss Ebony.  Your one-hand training bat can be customized to match your team colors, as well as engraved with the player, team, or school name.

One-Hand Training Bats are available in solid bat colors only.