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Early Wynn Baseball HOF Stats Bat



Early Wynn Baseball HOF Stats Bat

• 34 inch baseball bat
• National Baseball Hall of Fame logo
• Engraved and hand colored name, and statistics



Early Wynn Baseball HOF Stats Bat

Early Wynn
Inducted to the Hall of Fame in: 1972
Primary team: Cleveland Indians
Primary position: Pitcher

Wynn combined his physical gifts with intimidation and determination to overcome early struggles and become one of the most dominant players of his era. “Since the first time I saw my father play semipro ball in Alabama, it has been my greatest ambition and desire to be a big league ballplayer,” Wynn once said.

It was during Wynn’s early years with the Senators that he began to gain a reputation for meanness on the mound, exemplified by his willingness to knock down a batter if the occasion warranted. Among his famous quotes concerning this subject are: “A pitcher has to look at the hitter as his mortal enemy,” “A pitcher will never be a big winner until he hates hitters,” and “I’ve got a right to knock down anybody holding a bat.”

Wynn finished the 1962 season with 299 career wins, but was released by the White Sox after the season. After signing with the Indians, the 43-year-old posted his 300th win on July 13, 1963, becoming the 14th hurler in major league history to achieve the milestone.

Wynn, who pitched in four different decades, finished his big league pitching career with a record of 300-244, struck out 2,334 batters in 4,564 innings, and had an earned run average of 3.54. He won at least 20 games in a season five times, was named an All-Star every season from 1955-60, and when he finally retired in 1963 he had pitched longer than anyone else in baseball history.

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