Hawkeye – Cooperstown Vintage Collection


Hawkeye, from the Cooperstown Vintage Collection. Natural finish, red tip and large white stripes give you the vintage markings with a modern flair.


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Playing early base ball or looking for something unique to give your favorite slugger?  The Hawkeye bat is just the item your looking for.  This is a vintage replica with a modern twist.  The profile is that of a vintage bat, with markings that replicate the striping some bats fashioned back in the day.  The gloss finishes used on today’s bats is used here to show off the unique shape and markings of the eye-catching Hawkeye bat.

c. 1880s With a near-conical taper from barrel to knob, this profile has no true transition from barrel to handle.

Hawkeyes Vintage bat features:

• 35″ Ash Bat

• Replicated early base ball profile and markings

• Gloss finish

• Select play and your bat will be turned to order, from a billet that’s hand selected for grain and weight.  Display bats may be too light or heavy to be used for play.

• Made in the USA – Cooperstown, NY


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