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Larry Doby Baseball HOF Stats Bat



Larry Doby Baseball HOF Stats Bat

• 34 inch baseball bat
• National Baseball Hall of Fame logo
• Engraved and hand colored name, and statistics



Lawrence Eugene Doby
Inducted to the Hall of Fame in: 1998
Primary team: Cleveland Indians
Primary position: Center Fielder

Perhaps no one is more remembered for being second than Larry Doby.

He was the second African-American to play Major League Baseball in the modern era after Jackie Robinson. He was the second African-American manager of a major league club after Frank Robinson. He may have been second in those two regards, but Larry Doby was so much more.

Doby began his baseball career as a star infielder for the Newark Eagles of the Negro National League and was also the first African-American player to play professional basketball in the ABL, a precursor to the NBA. After taking time out from professional sports to serve in the United States Navy during WWII, Doby returned to the NNL and led the Eagles to the Negro Leagues championship in 1946.

In 1947, only a few months after Jackie Robinson’s major league debut, Cleveland Indians owner Bill Veeck signed Doby, who became the first African-American player in the American League. Doby suffered the same indignities as Jackie Robinson, but his struggles did not get the media attention Robinson’s received. Whether it was being forced to stay in separate hotels or eat in separate restaurants on the road, or not being accepted by some of his teammates, Doby persevered.

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