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Monte Irvin Baseball HOF Stats Bat



Monte Irvin Baseball HOF Stats Bat

• 34 inch baseball bat
• National Baseball Hall of Fame logo
• Engraved and hand colored name, and statistics



Monte Irvin Baseball HOF Stats Bat
Monford Merrill Irvin
Inducted to the Hall of Fame in: 1973
Primary team: Newark Eagles
Primary position: Left Fielder

Monte Irvin was not the first African-American player in the modern major leagues, but of all the talented players who made the perilous trip from the Negro leagues to the big leagues in the late 1940s, Irvin may have been the best.

“Monte was the choice of all Negro National and American League club owners to serve as the No. 1 player to join a white major league team,” said Hall of Famer Effa Manley, owner of the Newark Eagles. “We all agreed, in meeting, he was the best qualified by temperament, character ability, sense of loyalty, morals, age, experiences and physique to represent us as the first black player to enter the white majors since the Walker brothers back in the 1880s.

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