Cooperstown Bat Company was established in Cooperstown, NY, the Home of Baseball, in 1981.  Currently the third oldest bat company in the United States.  Cooperstown Bat Company continues to grow and succeed due to our loyal employees and our hands on approach to bat making.  

Cooperstown Bat in the present day makes professional quality game use bats for players of all ages.  Our pro model bats are made from hand split maple, ash, and yellow birch all from within a 350-mile radius of Cooperstown.  Upstate New York hard woods, also known as “Route 20 Maple”, are known across the bat making industry as the best wood for baseball bats on the planet.

The reason we feel our wood is superior is due to the fact that we process all of our wood directly from the log.  We control every step of the process.  

The most important step is right in the beginning of the process when the wood is hand split.  There are only a few bat companies that can say this. 

Our same high quality wood used in professional baseball is available to you our customers.   We have players ranging from t-ball, high school, college, and professional players using our bats.  We currently have over 450 major league and minor leaguers using Cooperstown Bat.

Many also know Cooperstown Bat for custom laser engraving. Bats of all sizes are made for personalized gifts, trophies, awards, corporate, and special occasions.  Cooperstown Bat has, for more than 20 years, created unique engraving designs for youth teams playing in the Cooperstown Tournaments.   Standard layouts can be seen on our website for personalized engravings for all occasions and events including: senior awards and gifts, coach’s gifts, corporate awards, military bats, wedding and baby bats, and much more.  Or you can contact us with your information and we can create something custom just for you.



Our first bats were for the collector or hand personalized for the fan, who had made the trip to Baseball’s Mecca. Cooperstown Bat has worked, and still does, with Hall of Famers to create amazing pieces of art to be autographed and collected.