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Fungos & Training Bats

Cooperstown Bat Company’s CB Fungos and Training Bats are Crafted for Excellence just like all of our bats. Feedback from coaches: “the best fungos they have ever used” and “they have used their fungo for two or three years without it breaking!”

ABCA Assistant Coach of the Year Lane Potter had this to say about our long and short heavy trainers:

“The Cooperstown Bat company has shown the passion and understanding to provide a professional level product with the innovation to grow and meet the demands of present day hitters. On a daily basis our hitters train with the CBC long and short training bats; they’re a durable product that we trust.”
Yale Hitting Coach Andrew Dickson has created a list of training drills for our long and short trainers. Email us a request after making a purchase and we will email it to you.

Each “CB” fungo or training bat is made from the finest Maple, Ash, and Birch only found in upstate New York. All Cooperstown Bat Company bats are processed from Forest to Field.



This section if for educating the customer. What is it that makes our bats special? What do they need to know in order to complete their purchase?