How to Buy a Wood Bat

Learn how to choose a wood bat based on length, wood and type of hitter.  

Baseball just isn’t baseball without a wood bat. Many young players are turning to wood to increase strength, mechanics and eye for the ball.  Before picking up just any bat, a player needs to know what they are looking for.

Youth vs Junior Big Barrel Vs Pro:

Youth Pro:  For youth players in t-ball and youth leagues.  Sizes range from 26” – 31” with a thin (2.25”) barrel.  Stock youth bats are all a -5, (length – 5 = weight).   Custom weights (-5 to 0) can be ordered through as well  – Custom Youth Pro

Junior Pro Big Barrel: The middle ground between a youth and pro level bat.  Players seeking the fat barrel of a pro model with the light weight of a youth bat.  Sizes range from 29” – 31”

Adult Pro: For your high school and adult players.  Sizes range from 30-34” with a fat (2.45 – 2.625) barrel.  Stock pro bats are all a -3. 

Knob:  traditional, flair or cone, or oversized

Handle (Diameter): Thin, Medium, Thick

Taper:  Fast Taper – End loaded or Slow Taper – Even Balanced

Barrel (length): Small, Medium, Large

Use the filters on the pro pages to help narrow down the options to the ones that fit what you are looking for.

Wood Types:

Cooperstown Bat offers ash, birch and maple, all forested within 200 miles of Cooperstown.  We mill, turn and finish in house … from the forest to the field we handle each step to ensure a quality wood bat.

Bat weight & length:

Below is a chart for length, but this is just a guide.  If a bat is too long the player will be swinging extra weight thus slowing his bat speed down.  If the bat is too short the player will not be able to reach the outside plate.

Always check with your league for what requirements or regulations they have, before making your purchase.